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        at 10:31 pm.Filed under Crazy Hacks, Electronic Hacks


        ?has built an interesting rig called the LIFI, it allows a simple transmission of audio using an LED for sending the audio signal and a solar cell to receive it.

        “The full form of LiFi is Light Fidelity. LiFi basically is a Wireless Communication Technology which uses Visible Light for Data transmission. LiFi is designed to use LED Light Bulbs similar to those present in our homes and offices. However, there is a slight difference in these LiFi LED Light Bulbs and Normal LED Light Bulbs . These LiFi LED Light Bulbs transmit Data through the Light given off by them and these Light Signals are received by Photoreceptors.”





        Rubik’s Cube Solved in 0.38 Seconds

        at 12:20 am.Filed under Complex Hacks, Insane Equipment


        Some people are able to solve a Rubik’s Cube very quickly, there are even lots of robots that can solve them much faster than people can. Well this new system is crazy fast. Less then a half second to solve the cube. The motors need to be very strong and fast to push the system to this speed. This means that the moves have to be exacting or else it is sure destruction of the cube. They have some dramatic examples of that in the videos below!

        “The contraption is built from:





        Circuit Breaker Works in Slow Motion

        at 7:51 pm.Filed under Electronic Hacks



        We have done a teardown of a 100 amp breaker in the past but it is really interesting to see how they operate in slow motion. Warped Perception has taken a common 15 amp breaker and filmed the 2 states in slow motion. Breakers trip with a slow overload condition which takes a bit of time and a short circuit where the circuit breaker trips almost immediately.



        December 13, 2017

        Binary Clock Build

        at 9:44 pm.Filed under Electronic Hacks

        This Binary Clock Build project by JD is enclosed in a custom acrylic enclosure. 3 buttons are used to adjust the time, the binary clock is displayed for your leet friends. For the regular folk there is also a time display on the LCD. The System is powered by a Parallax Popeller. With 40 pins the Propeller has enough pins to drive each LED direct, the buttons are also all connected direct. The LCD is a serial LCD so that just required one data line but there are still available pins so chances are a standard LCD would also work.


        December 8, 2017

        Coin Cell Jump Starter Project

        at 11:34 pm.Filed under Cool Gadgets, Crazy Hacks, Electronic Hacks


        Ted Yapo is designing a crazy project idea, it is a Coin Cell Jump Starter! Just think next time you need to jump start your car you simply need to locate a coin cell and use this system to suck the power out in a usable way to start you car. Is it practical? Not really but it is cool is this theoretical idea would work. It is a total work in progress, I am looking forward to seeing a video of a car starting soon.

        “So, if I can create a boost converter to charge the capacitors to 14V from the cell that’s at least 6527/10800 = 60% efficient, I should be able to start a car from a coin cell.

        The first rough plan is to make a simple inductor-based boost converter to charge a similar (possibly identical) capacitor bank over perhaps 24 hours, then start the car with the capacitors in place of the usual battery.”

        November 15, 2017

        SMS Message usage with GSM Modem and Arduino

        at 10:35 pm.Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks


        iforce2d?has a great demonstration of how to play with SMS Message usage with GSM Modem and Arduino. He goes through lots of interesting AT commands that do the actual transmission and read of the SMS messages. I can think of lots of useful uses of this type of device since an SMS message can be long enough to pack some interesting data chunks such as temperature issues (low temp high temp), door opening etc. The tutorial also goes through using the module to perform HTTP commands.


        November 10, 2017

        Water Meter Cloud Monitoring Interface

        at 4:15 pm.Filed under DIY Hacks, Electronic Hacks



        In some areas water meters have methods of connecting external monitoring equipment to determine water usage over time. This is normally done by a switch that pulses after a certain amount of water consumption. This was the case for?. He has a water meter that has an internal reed switch which closes once per revolution of the last metering wheel of his water meter. He has created a?Water Meter Cloud Monitoring Interface which uses?atmega328p-pu microcontroller and an esp8266 controller. The system sends data over wifi to?the Blynk cloud service to allow the data to easily be stored and monitored over time.

        “The esp8266 controller is not very power efficient and cannot run on the batteries for long time. And we would like to use it as web server any time, so it must be powered by the external power supply. It is not good idea to connect the water meter directly to the esp8266 controller because usually the water meters are installed in the dark, tiny space without any access to the external power outlet and WiFi access.”




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